Player interviews I conducted while filming

Westminster receiver Dyllan Conway talks about the up and down season for the Wildcats, how he went viral on Twitter twice, and rips on St. Louis sports.
The 3-year starting linebacker at Ladue has a nice pedigree, but doesn't think he's an interesting person. He explains his thoughts on the Rams great season so far and also is sad to see Spongebob getting cancelled.
The two 4-year varsity letterman at Parkway North are brothers from another mother and very competitive with each other. Smith loves Spongebob and Newton has an extensive gameday ritual.
The Whitfield junior D1 recruit is honored to have coaches personally watch him practice, but thinks he is an amazing Snapchatter. We also find out who he would love to play in a game of 1-on-1 and whether he'd like to be a coach or basketball analyst one day.
Uploaded by Gateway Sports Venue on 2017-01-08.
The lone two seniors on CBC this season have good game on the court and share their go-to moves, including their pre-game meals. Josh reveals a hidden talent while Sam models his game after a controversal player.